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Bali Dance Festival

Jl. By Pass Ngurah Rai 125 Kedonganan, Jimbaran - Bali 80363
Website: http://www.balidancefestival.com
The place to find an entertainment with your dinner, Balinese Dance for your luxury dinner.

"Bali's only Restaurant with daily Dance Performance"

Menu Dinner at Bali Dance Festival
Menu Buffet Dinner at Bali Dance Festival
Menu Dinner at Bali Dance Festival


  1. Gazebo
    There are 4 units of Gazebo surrounded by lush tropical garden. Each Gazebo can accommodate up to 30 persons. Serving International A la Carte menu.
  2. Azumaya
    Means Gazebo in Japanese, surrounded by lush tropical garden. Accommodate up to 40 persons. Serving Japanese A la Carte menu.
  3. Wantilan
    Spacious hall with capacity up to 200 persons with stage for life performance every night. Serving sumptuous International buffet and Steamboat.

Dance Performance Schedule
(The Schedule will be change every month.)

Day Dance
Monday : Kecak Dance
Tuesday : Angklung
Wednesday : Ramayana
Thursday : Angklung
Friday : Jegog
Saturday : Angklung
Sunday : Legong Dance
- Kuta, Nusadua, Seminyak, Sanur Area Pick Up Time At 18.00 PM
- Buffet Dinner Starting At 19.00 PM
- Dance Will Start At 20.00 PM

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Bali Dance Festival - Jimbaran

Gazebo - Bali Dance Festival

Azumaya - Bali Dance Festival

Wantilan - Bali Dance Festival


Dance Performance

  • Kecak Dance
    Kecak danceKecak dance is very unique, there is no musical instrument used in this dance. The background music is coming from troupe of bare-chested male vocals serve the chorus making the sound of "chak-chak-chak" surrounding the dancers.

  • Angklung
    AnglungAngklung is a traditional Sundanese bamboo musical instruments, it is made up of several bamboo pipes and can produce various melodic sound.

    To play, you don't have to hit it. All you have to is to shake it with your hand to produce the tone. Here you will see the traditional Sundanese bamboo musical concert that is performed by a small group. See their dynamic performance and natural expression.

  • Ramayana
    RamayanaBharata, the third son of King Dasaratha was Crowned as King of Ayodhia to fulfill his fathers wish. Rama the eldest son and the crown prince, left his father's palace followed by his wife Shinta and his younger brother Laksamana to the Forest.

    Rahwana, the King of Alengka intend to kidnap Shinta, he ordered his Prime Minister Maricha to transform himself as a golden deer to allure Shinta. With this trick, Rahwana succeeded to kidnap Shinta and brought her to his Kingdom.

  • Jegog
    JegogJegog is unique musical orchestra from Jembrana - West Bali. The instruments are made from Bamboo creating very loud and fast rhythm. Jegog is also used to accompany dances. All Jegog ensembles are from Jembrana with exception of one in Japan and one in United States of America.

  • Legong Dance
    Legong danceThis beautiful performing art is inspired by the dancing angels.
    In early 19th century, a prince in Sukawati was in coma caused by his illness. In his coma he saw nymphs dancing delicate dances in grace accompanied by beautiful sound of music. Later after his health revival, together with some artist of the village he transformed this dance into reality.