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Bali Shopping Places

Kuta Art Market
Located in the center of Kuta and close to the beach. You can get all the goods they sell here in a lower price, as long as you are a good bargainer. So bargaining skill is necessary if you want to have the goods you want in better price. You can see beach sarongs, printed t-shirt imaging Bali, handicrafts, displayed at the same line shops at the market. Generally the trader will give you the best hospitality, will assist you patiently while doing your bargain.

Legian Art Market
As its name the market located in Legian not far from Kuta Beach. This market also complicated by shops that offers you several type of goods imaging Bali, from t-shirt, Bali’s Handicraft, all other souvenirs that you can bring home , indicating that you just back from vacations in Bali.

Erlangga Market
Located around Denpasar City, precisely on Nusa Kambangan streets at Pekambinggan hood. The quite large market offers you many kind of textile sheets, clothing house hold, bedroom accessories, many types of Balinese Ikat. The different thing that you can find from this market compare to other markets in Bali is that from the price they offers, mostly at other market you are allow to bargain but don’t hope it happened at this market since the price they tag on is fix one. So check it out.

Sukawati Art Market
This market is the most favorite one for to all tourist either domestic or foreigner. Since this market is the center of the producers of all kind of Balinese Souvenirs, Balinese made textiles or paintings and many other Balinese goods. So the makers or the producers of all the Balinese goods brings their products directly for the first place to sell them is to this market, so it makes the price lower to some other markets. Bed cover is the most wanted item from this market, since the production take place where this market stand. The special design and colors imaging Bali is perfect for your bedroom. Mostly the design is imaging Balinese scenery, flora and fauna in Bali, but lately you can find also the new alien and some other as the creators idea, for example Winnie the pooh or 1001 Dalmation, so attractive, full color very annoyed to observe. It’s very perfect to decorate your kids bedroom.

Guwang Art Market
Located close to Sukawati Art Market, goods to offer here are almost the same. But looking at the size of the market is the smaller then the Sukawati Art Market. So you don’t need to waste more time to walk and look around for some item that you look for. The parking lot is wide enough to cater big buses & cars so you don’t need to worry that either if you travel by your self or company by your personal driver or tour guide.

Ubud Art Market
Located at the center of the Cultural Place of Ubud. Besides you will see all goods imaging Bali, at the inside part of the market you will find some spot to find a very special Ubud Nasi Campur. So during your bargaining action you feel hungry, then you are allow to have a break and try the special taste of steam rice, mix by vegetables & meat blend with Balinese bumbu (spices), special Ubud taste. Enjoy your shopping day.