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Lombok at a Glance
Just lies 25 minutes from its celebrated sister Island of Bali by flight or 4 hours by public ferry from Padangbay harbor, Lombok has various attractions for those who are in search for a memorable holiday. In the northern coastline, the unspoilt beaches forested by thick palm trees dominate the landscape. Senggigi, the main tourist resort area in Lombok, for instance, is amazing and offers various range of accommodation categories, from non-star cottages to the international 5 star-rated ones such as Sheraton Senggigi Beach Resort, Senggigi Beach Hotel, Holiday Inn and many others. Three-small-island, better known as Gili Air, Gili Meno, and Gili Trawangan are also heaven for either beginner or professional divers. Their underwater beauties inspire a next vacation to Lombok.

Driving further north, you can experience a unique way of life of the Sasak indigenous who live in the simple traditional houses in the rustic village of Segenter. This mountain tribe compound is not built for tourists, but is open widely to tourist, though. So they are not commercial as many other tourist places through out the island.

For hard trekkers, the highest and holiest mountain for both Baliness and Sasakness, Mt. Rinjani (3.726 m), is a perfect choice to escape from complicated daily routine. 3 days 2 nights hiking to the summit is quite a bit tiring, but to enjoy the fascinating sunrise from the summit is worthwhile. Spending a night by the lake shore of Segara Anak is also enjoyable and unforgettable.

Lombok is also gains more popularity amongst the young surfers for its various surf breaks along the southern coast of Kuta Beach. Many hotels In Kuta Beach, therefore, provides and arrange surfing trip to the surfing point around.

Aside from the natural attractions above, Lombok is also well known by its fine handicraft and jewelry such as traditional woven fabric, pottery, furniture, and sea pearls. They are made in the best and finest quality by local people and that they can meet the export quality standard. This is also one of the reason why coming to Lombok. We can eventually assure you that you can absolutely experience more than we can tell. See you around in Lombok !.