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Adventure Activities
To make the stay and the purpose of visit more enjoyable, we combine our services with leisure, sport tours, exciting adventure activities those are sea-sports, marine diving, cruises, ocean rafting, white water rafting, mountain cycling, off road motorcycling, rice paddy, village and jungle trekking, mount trekking, team building activities, bird park & animal park visit, elephant safari park visit and ride, ultimate golfing vacation, and other excitement trips can also be organized to make an unforgettable experience during the trip with us.

  - ATV Ride with Paddy Adventure
  - Bali Bird Park
  - Bali Zoo
  - Cycling Tour with Mega Rafting
  - Diving with Ena Dive Center
  - Diving with Nirwana Beach Corner
  - Elephant Safari Tour
  - Fishing with Batara Water Sport
  - Fishing with Ena Dive Center
  - Seawalker
  - Triple Trekking (Jungle, Village and Rice Paddy)
  - Trekking Tour with Mega Rafting
  - White Water Rafting at Ayung River With Mega Rafting
  - Water Sport with Batara Water Sport
  - Water Sport with Nirwana Beach Corner
  - Waterbom Bali
  - Nirwana Bali Golf Club
  - Bali Handara Kosaido Country Club
  - Golf Link Resort New Kuta Golf
  - Waka Land Cruise
  - Bali Tropical Safari
  - Bali Hai Cruise
  - Bounty Cruise
  - Island Explorer Cruise
  - Sail Sensation Cruise