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Terms & Conditions
- Room rates and Room types
- Booking Procedures
- Payment Procedures
- Cancellation Policy
- Refund
- Liability
- Bank Account
- Voucher/Proforma Invoice
- Complimentary Policy

Room Rates
All quoted room rates are per room per night, unless specified otherwise.
The special rates are including 21% tax and service and are applicable for booking through Exoticbalitravel.com only. There will be high season surcharge.

High season in Bali is normally from July till August, however September is also applied by some hotels. Other periods of high season is on Chinese new year and Lebaran Moslem holiday. While peak season is on X'mas till new year period which is normally from 20 December till 10 January.
(it will be subject to hotel's high season surcharge written on our hotels page)

Room Types
Single Room means one room with one big bed or twin bed valid for one person only
Double Room means one room with one big bed valid for two person
Twin Room means one room with two single beds valid for two person
Triple Room means one room with one double bed and one extra bed

Booking Procedures
* FIT Reservations can be made at least 7 days prior to guest arrival in Bali during low season, and at least 30 days during high & peak season. Stating clearly details of bookings / requirement for our smooth follow up.
* GIT Reservations should be made at least 30 days prior to group arrival during low season, and 45 days during high & peak season.

To make a Booking & Enquiries
- We only use one FORM for booking and enquires.
- Please fill the BOOKING FORM / CONTACT FORM for reservation or any of your request.
- All details are needed to process the reservation.
- Check again your email address before submitting the request.

Booking Confirmation
All reservation or request will be replied within 24 hours if the time zone is different or within the same day if the time zone is the same as ours.

To reconfirm the Booking
All confirmed booking shall be guaranteed with your valid credit card details;
* Credit card number
* Card holder name
* Expiration date
* Bank name of the card
* Passport number
* Birth day
* Copy of passport and credit card should be sent through facsimile OR
- 3 last digits number written on the back cover of visa / master card
- 4 digits number written on the front top cover of Amex
Those details shall be faxed to +62 361 774015. Sending through email is not recommended.

Payment Procedures
* Your credit card is used to guarantee the reservation and will be charged if there is any cancellation.
* This payment collection will be handled by our representative NOT by the hotel.
* All payment by credit card will be converted into local currency using the exchange rate on the date billing.
* AMEX (+3%), Dinner Club (+3%) credit card fee will be applied for credit card payment
* We do accept Cash in US Dollars, Australian Dollars, Japanese Yen. USD Dollar checks are welcome.

Payment for FIT Clients in Low Season
* Settlement of account should be made by Bank transfer and it should reach into our bank account before clients arrival.
* Settlement by mail order of credit card (It can only be accepted by AMEX & Dinner Club card only), for appropriate time of booking and this payment method to be made in due course.

Payment for FIT Clients in High Season
Settlement of account should be made by Bank transfer and it should reach into our account at least 21 days prior to clients arrival. And on some certain hotels, they require one night deposit to guarantee the bookings. The balance should be settled prior to guest arrival.

Payment for GIT Clients in Low Season
Settlement of account can be made directly by the T/L of the group upon arrival or via bank transfer which should reach into our bank account before group arrival.

Payment for GIT Clients in High Season
50% deposit from the total room booked to be settled at least 21 days prior to group arrival and on some hotels they might require 30 to 35 days prior to group arrival. The balance should be settled prior to group arrival.

In the event of any payment is not made or received by our company or to its account in accordance with the terms set out above, the EXOTIC BALI Destination has the right to cancel all or any arrangement, or parts of the package.

To Cancell or Amend the Booking
Please use the provious correspondence to cancell the booking or to amend the booking. Cancellation penalty will be applied based on our cancellation policy.

Cancellation Policy
Cancellation for any services previously booked or in the case of no show of the clients on arrival day. Cancellation may be occurring whenever the hotel, restaurants, and other suppliers insist. However we will not apply any cancellation fee unless the above mention circumstances occur.

No Show in Low Season
In case of clients no show during low season, one night no show fee will be charged from the total of rooms booked.

No Show in High & Peak Season
In case of no show during high and peak seasons, the entire room nights booked will be charged.

After commencement of the tour, no refunds in full or in part will be given for any of the items included in the package, which is not utilized.

EXOTIC BALI Destination can not accept liability for any act or comission whatsoever, whether negligent of otherwise of those airlines, hotels or other providing services in connection with arrangements over whom we have no direct control. We only act as agent for companies we represent and disclaim any and all liability for property loss of damage and or any and all damages directly or indirectly resulting from death or personal injuries, which my be sustained on account of or arising from, by reason of, or while engaged in any tour, whether due to the ownership maintenance, use, operation or control of any aircraft, automobile, bicycle, boat, vehicle, hotel, guesthouse, common carrier of otherwise, or whether cause by failure of delay or by any transportation company, due to any cause whatsoever, occurring during a tour under its management, sponsorship, procurement or otherwise.

* Bank Account : BANK PERMATA - Cabang Kuta Indah Permai 608
* Address : Komplek Pertokoan Kuta Indah Permai, Kuta, Denpasar, Bali
* Swift Code : BBBAIDJA
* Beneficiary Name : SUSRAMA I GST. LN. NGR.
* Account number : 5804205073

Once the bank transfer is made, bank transfer proof should be sent via fax or email so that we easily trace it into our bank account.

The issuance of one voucher by agent detailing clear services to be provided is required. A copy with the itinerary should be received prior to client arrival.

Proforma Invoice
Once the booking is confirmed and definitive, a pro-forma invoice / tour fee calculations will be sent via e-mail / fax.

Complimentary Policy
One person (tour leader) will be provided complimentary for a group of minimum 30 paying person. This complimentary includes in all arrangement of the tour package.